Timberline Builders, a custom home builder in Spearfish, enjoys the whole process of contracting, not just pounding nails.  We believe the journey is just as valuable as the final destination and are committed to taking the time necessary in each phase of the building process to ensure our customers are satisfied with the level of partnership they have from start to finish.


We lay the foundation by listening.  This is the time where we want to hear our clients brainstorm and understand their vision and expectations of the completed project.  We ask a lot of questions with the intent of mutually discovering whether we are the right fit for the project.


This is where the fun begins as well as where the first financial investment for our clients occurs.  This phase cannot be rushed.  We recognize that careful planning makes for fewer surprises and a better outcome in the end.  Quality, quantity and budget are the three primary considerations that guide the design process.


Once the construction drawings and final specifications are established, we go to work to determine the total financial investment of the project.  We quantify materials, request and review quotes from pre-qualified sub-contractors and compile all costs.  Because we believe our clients have the right to understand all that is included in a bid, we break down and describe the components of the project, present our proposal in a comprehensive document and answer any questions the clients may have.  



Projects in this phase are managed by highly-skilled superintendents who are committed to build everything according to the plan and specifications.  Our superintendents are readily available to foster and maintain open communication and trust with the owner.  When nearing project completion, we make sure that all documented expectations have been met and final inspections by building authorities and owners have been conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’d like to get the process started.  What is the first step?

    Sounds great!  Just give us a call and we will schedule a meeting time to discuss the possibilities.

  • Do you get involved in commercial building?

    Yes, and we really enjoy this facet of the construction business.  We would be eager to visit with you about your commercial project.

  • Is there just one style of home that you build?

    No, in fact this is what we love about our work!  Every home is unique and designed to reflect the personality of the owners.  In the last 45 years, we have built everything from Craftsman to Modern to Rustic styles of homes.  We welcome you to come with your own individual ideas!

  • Do we have to have a plan ready before we come to you?

    Not at all!  Sometimes a great plan is given to us, but if possible, we prefer to assist in the design process.  Every lot is unique and has individual qualities that need to be considered in the final design.  Not every plan works with every lot, so we like to start with the natural elements of the land and combine them with the owner’s design ideas.  We would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect design for your building site.

  • What is the cost per square foot for your projects?

    Great question!  However, because we custom build every project to the distinct requirements of the owners, there isn’t a universal dollar figure we can use to answer this.  Many factors impact the price of the finished project.  Building location, level of finishing detail, architectural design, and landscaping features all contribute to final construction costs.

  • In which geographical areas do you build?

    Our usual construction area is the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota.  We have developed relationships with many developers in the area and can assist you in finding the best lots available!

  • How long does it typically take to build a home?

    This depends on the complexity, but we like to allocate 4 to 7 months for construction after we break ground.

  • Do you handle all that will be required to have my home complete?

    Absolutely!  We are a full-service general contractor, so we can take care of all aspects of the construction process.  From cutting in a driveway to installing your dining room chandelier, we’ve got it covered!